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Annabelle Mundy

Annabelle Mundy

I love working in leadership development and career management. I have worked as a coach with more than 500 people from a wide range of functional specialisations. Most of my work has been in the area of leadership capability and coaching, as well as facilitating many group development programs. I’m passionate about supporting people discover who they are, what they are good at, and how to get there inside or outside their organisations. What makes me tick is helping people, and the organisations they work for, achieve long term success.

The reality is we’re all on a journey of developing, adapting and refining our leadership and technical capability wherever we are in the organisation. It’s never too early to start. Whenever I meet young people I encourage them about getting as many leadership and development opportunities as possible to set themselves up well for the future. With today’s flatter organisational structures, and the wider gap between senior executives and the rest of the organisation, there are often fabulous opportunities to ‘seize the day’.

Too often I see people promoted into roles where they feel all at sea without the necessary support, resources and guidance to flourish – the technical knowledge is there in abundance, but the ability and confidence to lead is not as strong as it needs to be. That’s where coaching proves invaluable.

As a coach of high potential managers and executives I act as a guide, catalyst and sounding board and provide confidential, realistic and objective support. It’s a great medium to develop, test and hone leadership styles and explore career opportunities in a safe and proactive environment.

I am committed to providing coaching that works – it’s relevant, picked up quickly, and is effective in complex organisational settings – so both the organisation and participant are able to coexist and succeed.

Annabelle has over 15 years coaching experience working to increase individual and team effectiveness and achieve improved business results. Having worked at senior levels in large organisations, both as a specialist and as a general manager, Annabelle has more recently set-up and run two entrepreneurial organisations. She is also a member of the ICF and CDAA.