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Brian Quirke

Brian Quirke

For the past 45 years, I’ve worked in the corporate world managing in large, medium and small organisations, including today as one of the owners of PHR Consulting. I’ve seen amazing changes in the world of work in that time and I’ve been managed by some of the best and worst examples of leaders.

It seems to me as I reflect that management and leadership capabilities have actually declined over the years with too many people today being quite poorly managed and led.

It’s now a life of emails, back-to-back meetings, intrusive technology, high stress and little time for health, relationships, thinking, professional development and growth.

Today I work as a coach in the areas of leadership and career change. My clients range from emerging managers in their 20s to very experienced executives in their 60s. They include first appointment managers, functional specialists, divisional managers and CEOs. I work with them to enhance and develop their leadership skills knowing that if I can guide them towards a more fulfilling life – as a leader and as a person – they in turn can positively impact the organisations in which they work, the people they lead and those they live and associate with.

To me it’s simple… ‘I stimulate the thinking of intelligent people’.

It’s also my experience that improved business results always flow from the coaching.

Brian has extensive line management, specialist HR and consulting experience – both locally and overseas – in the areas of banking and finance, career management, recruitment and organisational consulting.