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Crossroads Coaching  ... contributing beyond retirement

Organisations thrive when employees are passionately engaged using their core strengths in service of what needs to be done. Matching the right person with the right circumstance makes all the difference in the world.


  • Proactive succession planning
  • Clarity of key capabilities and value offered
  • Greater confidence and capacity to generate options inside or outside of the organisation
  • Improved capacity to constructively plan and take charge of next career and/or lifestyle steps


Assessing and transitioning staff capability well is a significant challenge in most businesses, particularly in relation to valued employees approaching the end of their known career. Often these staff can be reticent to leave the organisation but are not necessarily content with their current circumstances.  Many would like to continue working in some capacity – and have their contribution recognised and rewarded – but lack the confidence and clarity of alternatives. Smart employers are supporting employees through this transition – empowering both the individual and organisation to realise future opportunities.

Crossroads Coaching is an integral part of succession planning.  From an organisational point of view, it provides legitimate and practical support to transitioning employees while freeing up opportunities for recognised talent to progress to senior roles.  From the employee’s point of view, they are supported through highly individualised and personal coaching to clarify the capabilities and value they have to offer the evolving job market.  By broadening their thinking and constructively challenging any barriers or presumptions that may limit their choices and success, we help ensure the next steps are satisfying and navigated with confidence.

Coaching Model


  • Transition process
  • Self-awareness and review
  • ‘Best fit’ career and/or lifestyle options 
Coaching model diagram


  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Market interface
  • Networking/interviewing


  • Action plan
  • Challenges
  • Transition into new work and/or life choices

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