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David Senior

David Senior

Over the years I have had the opportunity of working in number of senior roles in a variety of industries including mining, chemicals, professional services and academia.

My key focus during that time has been supporting organisations and people to better understand the capability that exists within their businesses and how it can be developed and utilised more effectively to everyone’s advantage.

While there are a variety of learning interventions that can support individual development, I found that coaching is one of the most practical and effective ways for people to understand and grow their capability. By identifying and validating what has been central to their past successes, they are more able to understand the value they have to offer their organisations as leaders, managers and individuals.

Equally they take a more constructive and realistic approach to their development and growth and that, in my experience, has a very positive impact on business productivity and profitability.

My other great passion in life is for networking. Much of our growth comes through our interaction with others. We learn from them and they learn from us. I’ve always enjoyed assisting people to extend and manage their networks and through this to develop personally and professionally.

David has worked in global, regional and national roles in mining, chemicals, highways, transportation and professional services in both Europe and Australia. Most recently he was Director of Careers at the Melbourne Business School.