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Leadership Coaching  ... leveraging capability

We create opportunities for our clients to think, reflect, plan and grow as leaders and as people. … Nothing can compare with an individualised, personal coaching approach where the conversations are face to face, they occur frequently – and there’s time to talk, stand back and reflect and make better decisions.


  • Improved understanding of unique leadership style and capabilities
  • Enhanced clarity of expectations
  • Increased capacity to manage group diversity and teams
  • Greater resilience through managing time and energy 


There are a lot of things we can’t control at the individual level, but with insightful and constructive coaching many clients come to realise they have more influence as leaders than they ever imagined.

Our leadership coaching supports clients to understand and apply their unique leadership strengths. As a result, they develop greater capacity to manage group diversity and build successful teams. They also perform more strategically and tactically and manage change with greater fluidity and skill.

In having their current thinking and behaviours constructively challenged, clients come to have a greater appreciation of alternative choices available to them. As their capacity to really listen and relate with greater transparency develops, they experience first-hand the value of questioning both their own and others’ expectations and assumptions. The result is that clients are clearer about what they are trying to achieve and are more focussed on what is important.

Coaching Model


  • Self-awareness
  • Organisational needs
  • Stakeholders’ expectations
  • Capability analysis
  • Leadership styles
Coaching model diagram


  • GAP analysis
  • Business objectives
  • Strategies
  • Listening skills



  • Action plan
  • Tracking barriers
  • Future challenges


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