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Team Coaching  ... building team functionality

The greatest strengths of a team – and most significant challenges – reside in its diversity. Organisations are increasingly realising that team functioning offers untapped potential for real productivity gains and improved employee engagement.


  • Improved understanding of team diversity and strengths
  • Greater trust and collaboration
  • Clarity of expectations
  • Greater transparency and robustness in communication and decision making
  •  Improved commitment and accountability
  • Enhanced focus on achieving team results


Building and maintaining high functioning teams is a complex and important challenge for any manager. Too often teams haemorrhage effectiveness due to a lack of trust and collaboration, a reluctance to have difficult conversations, make decisions, or to fully commit or be accountable.

Team Coaching is a hands-on practical program, which assists leaders and teams to craft their preferred culture through a series of topical workshops. Team members are invited to better understand and appreciate each other’s personalities and capabilities and to develop more trust, respect and tolerance. As teams develop greater capacity for open and honest discussions – meetings become more productive, expectations are clarified and better decisions are made. Over time, team members demonstrate greater commitment, accountability and focus on collective results.

Coaching Model


  • Self-awareness
  • Personality profiles
  • Team profile
  • Team dysfunctionality
Coaching model diagram


  • Team trust and collaboration
  • Communication and conflict skills
  • Decision making
  • Commitment and accountability


  • Meeting behaviours
  • Tracking barriers
  • Future challenges

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