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It’s our experience that few businesses fully understand the concept of organisational capability and how important it is for maintaining and strengthening competitive advantage in a quickly changing market landscape.

It is a fundamental building block that underpins the strategic direction of the business and shapes its culture.

Simply put, organisational capability reflects the organisation’s strengths - its people, structure, systems, processes and culture that collectively produce business outcomes that deliver current and sustainable competitive advantage.

Coaching plays an integral part in supporting the identification and development of existing capability and shaping the culture to adapt to changes driven by competitors, the market and technology.

It can be used to support new key hires to navigate the first 90 days; to develop existing talent to meet current and emerging capability expectations and to support the transition of people whose capability no longer meets the ongoing needs of the business.

It’s our experience that targeted coaching within the three critical areas of the employment life cycle - Employment, Development and Transition - can accelerate the process of realigning and developing organisation capability.

The more agile and fluid an organisation is in aligning its capability to the market, the more likely it will be to succeed.

Capability Management Framework

Capability Management Framework